Rather special additions!


I made this recently for a Local school to hang near their library area.

fotor022085717Oh how special this one was! It was made to order for a model railway fanatic to hang on his garden fence when they have open days in the summer. (See the post ‘And it’s up!) The flags were twice the normal size, so as  to accommodate the engine and trucks and then personalised accordingly. All the motifs were cut out of felt and had to be stuck on, as pressing them would have flattened the felt.

Jane & Duncan’s Light Railway will launch their banner once the sunshine is warm enough for them to be outside again!!

Fotor0220105344This banner shows that nothing is impossible!! My brief was to use some first size baby clothes to make the flags for her 1st birthday. Trying to work around the poppers and the openings, as well as dealing with the thickness of the fabric, no mean task I can tell you but … I was pleased with the outcome and so were my customers! Phew!!

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