Bunting is SO versatile and can be used again and again in different settings. Below you can see where I have used ‘Our Silver Wedding Anniversary’ bunting to decorate the hall for a school play that was set in the Wild West!


Untitled-4 A game for you – ‘Spot the Bunting’ !!

                                                                                                  Answer: Untitled-6

So, if any schools out there are looking for a play to produce at any time of the year, please can I be bold enough to mention  Lucky Bucket Musicals, they can also be found on Facebook at:

The lyrics and the music are outstanding and are written by a husband and wife team. They come highly recommended!

Untitled-8This is just one of a wide selection of shows that they have written.

P.S. Just to show that my bunting  has gone up at other parties as well!!


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