Business Ventures

Someone found me on Twitter!! I was so excited to receive this order and after much searching for the right colour fabric, my customer found that she had just what she was looking for all along! This is purely an online business, “So why do you need bunting?” I hear you ask. Well, just like the business below, many  ‘on-liners’ will run craft stalls at various times of the year and that’s where I can help!!

Untitled-3 copy 5

Here is the link to their web site.

And here they are all set up, bunting in place, ready for their customers!Christian Giftshop craft Fair


I have some friends who asked me to make this banner for them, as they were also attending craft markets to promote their business. Due to the their table size, these flags had to be smaller than usual but still big enough to be able to take the letters!!

To quote their website:  “Gentle Baby Things is a family run online business, selling scrummy ethical clothing, gifts and toys for babies and toddlers.”

Visit them at:

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 08.33.25

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