Celebrating Birthdays!

Clare BD

The latest  ‘birthday’ addition and this time it was for someones 50th party. Sometimes I am given ‘free range’ on colours but for this one it was clear and straight forward – black and white with silver letters! My biggest achievement on this banner was that I actually made my own bias binding.  3 1/2 hours later I had 12 m’s of black bias but  I will never again complain about paying ???? for it!!! Anyway, it was all worth it and I love working on and then seeing the finished results of my customers ideas!

Clare BD 2



I made the ‘Happy Birthday’ banner for someone who had three upcoming birthdays to celebrate in just a few short weeks. As you can see below, an 80th one for her Mum and then a joint party for her daughter and her friend. I am sure that it will be brought out for many other birthdays as well.

80 birthday copy

I was also delighted to have been able to lend them all the bunting that I made for our 25th Wedding Anniversary. My friend told me how it had made the hall look extra special.


and then …

… Sweet 16!


Identical banners for really good friends, and now that the party is over,  the girls have been able to hang their banners on their bedroom walls, as a happy reminder of their 16th party.

Image 7

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