Community Projects


A friendly group that meet every other week in Reigate.

Click here for more details.

 “Our aim is to provide friendship, activities and opportunities to our members through a varied programme of monthly meetings. Knit and natter, lunch and walking groups, cinema club, book club and garden visits are some of the many activities we offer on a regular basis.”

Image 3I loved making this banner as it was for such a great organisation! The brief was precise about the colours but that is always a challenge that I enjoy!


The following pictures show my ‘project’ for the summer of 2014. I was commissioned to make 100m for a community fair. Yes! You did read that right, 100m!!

So, we went through the process from this ….

Community bunting

… to this

Commuity Bunting 2

… to the great day!!

Image 1 Image

In fact, these pictures show the second time it was out and being used!

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