Vroom! Vroom!


I always love the individuality of ever order that I receive. That’s why I work the way I do!

This customer wanted fabric with VW camper vans on for their children’s bedroom. I thought I was going to have a problem finding anything suitable but I was amazed at the variety of fabric out there! Apparently it is rather popular. A bit more tricky, due to the pattern needing to be one way up – placing VW’s upside down wouldn’t really work now would it? – but the result was just what my customer was looking for and that’s all I can ask for.


And it’s up!! Not in its final ‘resting place’ but this is great for now!! Another picture will follow, hopefully, in the future.


(p.s. I still have plenty of the pale blue VW fabric left. If anyone is interested please get in touch.)

And that is exactly what somebody did!

And here it is!! All ready for the birthday girl!!


I was really pleased to receive this order for more VW bunting, as it was the first one that came following a Google search by my customer. All ready for van in the summer!


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