Mini – Bunting

These mini-flags stand at just 7cms high and 6cms wide.

I made them for a neighbour’s new baby, custom made to hang around the cot.


I also made the bias binding as there was a specific look that I wanted to achieve. I’ve never done double-end ties before but felt that it would add to both the appearance and make it easier to hang. As for the bows, I just couldn’t resist!!

Although this looks really cute, please note that bunting is not a toy and  must not be allowed to endanger baby.

Eliza Cot 1

I then decided to do a full name banner to match the ‘mini’ one, and again, the finished look was exactly what I had in my mind!!

Eliza cot 2

 Once baby is in the cot and on the move, there will be plenty of alternatives places to hang your mini-bunting!


It’s always a real boost when you receive a new order on the recommendation of others. I made this one identical to the ones above, simply because my customer wanted something ‘pretty and girly’!! Here it is, already hanging above her cot! Thank you to everyone on for your support.



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