My Aunt (and Great Aunts before her), were amazing craftswomen. As a child, I loved to watch her sew. She made beautiful patchwork bedspreads – the traditional way – using cardboard templates tacked on and then removed once all sewn together – by hand!

I tried, I really did to follow in her footsteps but I was never precise enough to achieve a good result. I managed to make a rectangle for my dressing table and a runner for the top of the bookcase but, if I remember correctly, I never actually managed to complete the backing on that!!

Many years later I decided to give it another try and  here is the result of my ‘patchwork’, doing what, I hope, I do best

– bunting!


I came up with this idea after watching a quilting clip on Pinterest showing how to sew a continuous  line of fabric together. Having been inspired, I had to have a go! It was time-consuming and took many hours of work but, I have to say, that it was also rather therapeutic and watching the fabric grow, appealed to me! It also gave me a great opportunity to get to grips with my new Serger machine, producing a much tidier version than I’d previously done.

I put this 3m length together for my own use but I have more flags made up if anyone was interested in having a more random banner! Please get in touch if you do!

Have a great day everyone –

wherever you are in the world and whatever you are doing!

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