Why don’t you let me take all the stress out of it all for you? Children have so many toys and they love to see their names decorating their bedroom walls. I was amazed that I was able to fulfil the request for ‘Super Heroes’ fabric but find it I did and it fitted the bill exactly.

Fotor0625144324 And you can’t go wrong with pink for any little girl!!

Fotor0625145722It’s quite hard to see but the fabric on the ends of this banner is full of butterflies.

All Things Bright and Beautiful!

From this …..IMG_0481

…… to this!!!! Stunning!

First wedding Second wedding Wedding 3I cannot tell you how delighted I was to see the finished result of my work for the Summer of 2013! When you are working on individual flags, it can sometimes be hard to visualise the finished effect that they will  bring and often it is only the customer who has the ‘final picture’ in their minds. But I love to see how couples choose to celebrate their special day and for this couple, I am proud of the part that I was able to play in bringing it all together for them.

Special Baby Days.


At the grand age of Untitled-3this little boy didn’t really know what was going on but he enjoyed being the centre of attention on his special day! His adoring Grandma & Grandpa did  though and I was delighted to be able to produce the pale blue bunting that they asked for. (Even if they were on holiday in France when they placed their order!!)



Bunting is SO versatile and can be used again and again in different settings. Below you can see where I have used ‘Our Silver Wedding Anniversary’ bunting to decorate the hall for a school play that was set in the Wild West!


Untitled-4 A game for you – ‘Spot the Bunting’ !!

                                                                                                  Answer: Untitled-6

So, if any schools out there are looking for a play to produce at any time of the year, please can I be bold enough to mention  Lucky Bucket Musicals, they can also be found on Facebook at:

The lyrics and the music are outstanding and are written by a husband and wife team. They come highly recommended!

Untitled-8This is just one of a wide selection of shows that they have written.

P.S. Just to show that my bunting  has gone up at other parties as well!!


American Independence Day Celebrations!

What a great evening!!

The pictures speak for themselves.




The red and white striped and blue check fabric was a pleasure to work with and my customer was delighted with both the bunting and the matching tablecloths! Unfortunately, ‘rain stopped play’ during the evening but people still continued to have fun and the fireworks were set off later on once it was dark.

(And thankfully, no tea was thrown in the sea !!!)

Before signing out, I must give a shout for the spectacular  4th of July cake made by

Untitled-1 my friend Marsha. Having had a slice, I can confirm that it tasted as good as it looks!

You can find her at:

So take a moment to have a look to see all the other amazing cakes that she has created or you can contact her by email for more information at:!

Heaven is the place to be!

Unfortunately, ‘Heaven’ is no longer in business but fortunately  ‘Oldpost’ is now trading on the same site. Have a look at their web page to see what they offer.

I can fully recommend having a cake and a cuppa and at their fab bakery


Situated on the A25, heading towards Godstone, Surrey, ‘Heaven’ is an oasis for  many. They run a variety of classes for adults and children and have a cafe that sell the most delicious cakes!!   There are pamper rooms available and crèche facilities, where you know your children are going to be well looked after, while you relax and unwind.

Visit their website at for full details.


They also have a craft shop that supports local artists, photographers and craftsmen. So I made this bunting especially for them at ‘Heaven’ to fit in with their colour scheme of raspberry pink, cream and pale forest green. Hope you all like it!