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Off to Uni!

Many of you will understand what a life changing and scary event going to university can be – meeting new people and having to live / cope by yourself for the first time maybe; on top of handling all the work that comes your way. These two girls asked me to make bunting for their rooms to help them feel ‘more at home’!



And the added bonus is that nobody will forget your name when they come to visit!!

Second year and  no longer in halls. The bunting has now moved from above the desk to over the bed!



Hoping to get a full size picture of this one but I made it very early on in my ‘bunting’ days, before I started taking my own pictures prior to my customer collecting them. It was very pretty though, in delicate pinks with rosebuds under the name.

Deck the halls

New for 2015!!


Hi everyone! Even with a wedding in the family fast approaching, I have been giving some thought to Christmas!! With encouragement from my soon-to-be-daughter-in-law, I have made these hessian banners.
Any ‘word’ can be put on there and colours can be easily changed to your preference. Please contact me if you are interested in placing an order.


Everyone has their own colour preference and this lady wanted red and gold – very Christmassy!


You know how I’ve always said how much I love a challenge well …. working with mini – bunting and silky fabric was certainly that!! Silver and lace but it was so pretty and every lace flag was different!

Silver mini

Sometimes things don’t go the way we hoped they would. My customer had planned to spiral her flags around the tree but they became lost, so hung them overhead instead. She was so excited to see it all, that her tree has gone up in November!!

Silver mini 2

I started off making these flags a couple of years ago, with the idea of producing new advent calendars for my lads but I kinda got bogged down with cutting numbers out of felt!! So,  it was suggested to me that I made them up into 3m lengths and sold them! The result of which you can see below.Untitled-1

I love a challenge …. once I’ve worked out how to do it!!   This applique work was new to me and with the finishing touch of ‘tiny’ red buttons, I loved the result. Having completed 14m for someone, I made one for myself and then another, following a conversation at work. Thinking ahead to next year? …. I have a lot of buttons left!! Untitled-5 copy

Bunting makes a great gift that can be brought out year after year. My son’s girlfriend had a range of fabric that she asked me to make up for her and ‘Bingo’ her Christmas present was sorted!!Untitled-4

Then, just for fun, I tried my hand at making ‘mini’ banners and I have to say … I am hooked!! Standing at only 7cms high they are tricky to do but a great way to use the off-cuts of fabric. Untitled-2

and finally …Untitled-1

Bunting Vouchers


I started ‘Bunting Vouchers’ a couple of years ago when I needed a gift for a friend’s 40th birthday. I had no idea what to buy for her but I knew that she loved bunting! I didn’t have time to make any up, nor was I really aware of her colour preferences, so I thought, why not allow her to choose at her own leisure? Hence the voucher. There were no time restrictions, so 18mths later, this was the result!!

Gift vouchers

Gift Voucher - Annemeika

Please contact me for further information or see my prices page.


Introducing ….

Eli & Joe copy

… beautiful twin boys!

Eli & Joe

It’s always a pleasure to make bunting for new family members

and these two were made for young cousins.

Pretty in pink …



… and in lilac!


Georgia room

I was asked to make this for the nursery of an eagerly anticipated baby! (Due any time now!!)

Pastel green

I love how everyone has different ideas of how they want to decorate their baby’s rooms, this time it was mint green and grey, and to me, this is the beauty of being able to ‘make bunting to order’.



 My Aunt (and Great Aunts before her), were amazing craftswomen. As a child, I loved to watch her sew. She made beautiful patchwork bedspreads – the traditional way – using cardboard templates tacked on and then removed once all sewn together – by hand!

I tried, I really did to follow in her footsteps but I was never precise enough to achieve a good result. I managed to make a rectangle for my dressing table and a runner for the top of the bookcase but, if I remember correctly, I never actually managed to complete the backing on that!!

Many years later I decided to give it another try and  here is the result of my ‘patchwork’, doing what, I hope, I do best

– bunting!


I came up with this idea after watching a quilting clip on Pinterest showing how to sew a continuous  line of fabric together. Having been inspired, I had to have a go! It was time-consuming and took many hours of work but, I have to say, that it was also rather therapeutic and watching the fabric grow, appealed to me! It also gave me a great opportunity to get to grips with my new Serger machine, producing a much tidier version than I’d previously done.

I put this 3m length together for my own use but I have more flags made up if anyone was interested in having a more random banner! Please get in touch if you do!


Have a great day everyone –

wherever you are in the world and whatever you are doing!

Come rain or shine!

If you live in the UK, we all know that you have to be ready for all weathers, at any time of year! I have often been requested for ‘outdoor’ bunting but I’ve struggled with this until I discovered ‘Ripstop’ fabric! The colours tend to be quite vibrant, as it is mainly used for making kites and tents but I did find a couple of patterns that worked well, both together and with being made into flags. The only down side was having to make the bias binding again! This took some time and it sure was a ‘slippery’ customer!!


Thank you to my neighbour for supplying the pictures for me!


Mini – Bunting

These mini-flags stand at just 7cms high and 6cms wide.

I made them for a neighbour’s new baby, custom made to hang around the cot.


I also made the bias binding as there was a specific look that I wanted to achieve. I’ve never done double-end ties before but felt that it would add to both the appearance and make it easier to hang. As for the bows, I just couldn’t resist!!

Although this looks really cute, please note that bunting is not a toy and  must not be allowed to endanger baby.

Eliza Cot 1

I then decided to do a full name banner to match the ‘mini’ one, and again, the finished look was exactly what I had in my mind!!

Eliza cot 2

 Once baby is in the cot and on the move, there will be plenty of alternatives places to hang your mini-bunting!


It’s always a real boost when you receive a new order on the recommendation of others. I made this one identical to the ones above, simply because my customer wanted something ‘pretty and girly’!! Here it is, already hanging above her cot! Thank you to everyone on www.facebook.com/groups/RedhillandReigateMums/ for your support.



Community Projects



A friendly group that meet every other week in Reigate.

Click here for more details.

 “Our aim is to provide friendship, activities and opportunities to our members through a varied programme of monthly meetings. Knit and natter, lunch and walking groups, cinema club, book club and garden visits are some of the many activities we offer on a regular basis.”

Image 3I loved making this banner as it was for such a great organisation! The brief was precise about the colours but that is always a challenge that I enjoy!


The following pictures show my ‘project’ for the summer of 2014. I was commissioned to make 100m for a community fair. Yes! You did read that right, 100m!!

So, we went through the process from this ….

Community bunting

… to this

Commuity Bunting 2

… to the great day!!

Image 1 Image

In fact, these pictures show the second time it was out and being used!

Out of Africa

This is what I enjoy most about making bunting to order.

You never know what the next customer is going to ask for!

This time it was to make a long length in the beautiful, rich colours of Africa.


 I already had fabric with gazelles on and found some with a map of Africa (perfect!) but sadly the flag wasn’t big enough to accommodate the whole ‘country’! My customer had material from her bridesmaids ‘evening’ dresses so I was able to add a personal touch for her as well .


The sun also shone across the conservatory ‘playroom’ the day that these pictures were taken, giving a true flavour of the African plains in suburban Surrey!

Savanah 3

And with the sun ‘turned down a bit’ the beautiful oranges, greens and gold can be seen and appreciated more clearly.