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Celebrating Birthdays!

Clare BD

The latest  ‘birthday’ addition and this time it was for someones 50th party. Sometimes I am given ‘free range’ on colours but for this one it was clear and straight forward – black and white with silver letters! My biggest achievement on this banner was that I actually made my own bias binding.  3 1/2 hours later I had 12 m’s of black bias but  I will never again complain about paying ???? for it!!! Anyway, it was all worth it and I love working on and then seeing the finished results of my customers ideas!

Clare BD 2



I made the ‘Happy Birthday’ banner for someone who had three upcoming birthdays to celebrate in just a few short weeks. As you can see below, an 80th one for her Mum and then a joint party for her daughter and her friend. I am sure that it will be brought out for many other birthdays as well.

80 birthday copy

I was also delighted to have been able to lend them all the bunting that I made for our 25th Wedding Anniversary. My friend told me how it had made the hall look extra special.


and then …

… Sweet 16!


Identical banners for really good friends, and now that the party is over,  the girls have been able to hang their banners on their bedroom walls, as a happy reminder of their 16th party.

Image 7

The lady said “Yes!”

Matt & Jess Untitled-3 copy 6

Matt & Jess 2 copyIt’s always a delight to make bunting for ‘Happy Couples’ especially when I’ve known the groom’s family for many years.  The added bonus with this banner came when it was completed and I needed to ‘hand it over’. Any excuse to meet up with friends again after so long and have lunch together!Matt & jess Bunting, balloons and flowers! One conservatory all dressed and ready to celebrate!

Diamonds are forever!!

Untitled-1Ivan and Rita

Can you imagine how delighted I was to be asked to create this banner for a Diamond Wedding Anniversary party? My friend chose the colours to match those worn by her Mum’s bridesmaids 60 years ago.

This was the first time that I had attempted a lace overlay flag but when I saw the fabric, I could just visualise it looking really good with the dark burgundy underneath.


International Bunting!

Untitled-2This was the nearest that I could get to re-creating the American flag! This order came in to give to someone as a present. An Englishman who is now living in the States. Love the fact that every banner is unique for the individual.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis bunting I made a couple of years ago for my friend’s daughter as she was about to head off to the States to start her University course. Once she arrived and was settled, she was able to re-use it to decorate her room.

Love is in the air!!

Sunflowers 1

Winter is fast approaching but the sunflowers that were used throughout this wedding, are a reminder of warmer and sunnier days. I searched long and hard to find a suitable fabric for this special banner but I was pleased with the finished product, as were the Bride and Groom!!


Today, on their 3rd Wedding Anniversary, I have the privilege of sharing the picture that inspired

‘Heathers Bunting’ to be born …

… my VERY FIRST bunting project! 

Tom & Emily's wedding


Then just two weeks later, the first ‘named’ banner that I ever made, was used for another friends’ wedding.

Each one will always be personal to the individual couple. xxx


Fotor0518154255 copy

And two years later … another one! A beautiful day for a great couple!

Every wedding is unique, so every banner or any bunting with always be made to the requirements of the happy couple. Who’ll be next?



Well, the next celebration couldn’t have been more different!! I was asked to make this bunting for a Vintage ‘Afternoon Tea’ Wedding. They wanted it to surround a photo booth for their guests and the request for ‘hessian’ to be included was a challenge, as it had to be lined!!

This photograph shows a little of how they displayed and used it.



Business Ventures

Someone found me on Twitter!! I was so excited to receive this order and after much searching for the right colour fabric, my customer found that she had just what she was looking for all along! This is purely an online business, “So why do you need bunting?” I hear you ask. Well, just like the business below, many  ‘on-liners’ will run craft stalls at various times of the year and that’s where I can help!!

Untitled-3 copy 5

Here is the link to their web site.  http://www.christiangiftshop.co.uk/

And here they are all set up, bunting in place, ready for their customers!Christian Giftshop craft Fair


I have some friends who asked me to make this banner for them, as they were also attending craft markets to promote their business. Due to the their table size, these flags had to be smaller than usual but still big enough to be able to take the letters!!

To quote their website:  “Gentle Baby Things is a family run online business, selling scrummy ethical clothing, gifts and toys for babies and toddlers.”

Visit them at: www.gentlebabythings.co.uk

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 08.33.25

Baby boom!

‘And over the Irish sea!’

Another gift for a new nephew this time! I’m glad that, once again, the recipient of this banner was delighted with their present.


A taste of summer with poppies blowing in the wind!


 It’s always a delight to make a banner for a customer, knowing that they are going to be giving it as a gift for a new arrival


All babies are a miracle but this ‘little lady’ has it as part of her name! I love making bunting for precious ‘little bundles’!

ImageAnd  the nursery was already decorated for her arrival with bunting that I’d previously been asked to make.


Girls seem to be ‘all the fashion’ at the moment!!


And now the bunting is up in Eliana’s room. The lights make it magical!




Why don’t you let me take all the stress out of it all for you? Children have so many toys and they love to see their names decorating their bedroom walls. I was amazed that I was able to fulfil the request for ‘Super Heroes’ fabric but find it I did and it fitted the bill exactly.

Fotor0625144324 And you can’t go wrong with pink for any little girl!!

Fotor0625145722It’s quite hard to see but the fabric on the ends of this banner is full of butterflies.

All Things Bright and Beautiful!

From this …..IMG_0481

…… to this!!!! Stunning!

First wedding Second wedding Wedding 3I cannot tell you how delighted I was to see the finished result of my work for the Summer of 2013! When you are working on individual flags, it can sometimes be hard to visualise the finished effect that they will  bring and often it is only the customer who has the ‘final picture’ in their minds. But I love to see how couples choose to celebrate their special day and for this couple, I am proud of the part that I was able to play in bringing it all together for them.