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Deck the halls

New for 2015!!


Hi everyone! Even with a wedding in the family fast approaching, I have been giving some thought to Christmas!! With encouragement from my soon-to-be-daughter-in-law, I have made these hessian banners.
Any ‘word’ can be put on there and colours can be easily changed to your preference. Please contact me if you are interested in placing an order.


Everyone has their own colour preference and this lady wanted red and gold – very Christmassy!


You know how I’ve always said how much I love a challenge well …. working with mini – bunting and silky fabric was certainly that!! Silver and lace but it was so pretty and every lace flag was different!

Silver mini

Sometimes things don’t go the way we hoped they would. My customer had planned to spiral her flags around the tree but they became lost, so hung them overhead instead. She was so excited to see it all, that her tree has gone up in November!!

Silver mini 2

I started off making these flags a couple of years ago, with the idea of producing new advent calendars for my lads but I kinda got bogged down with cutting numbers out of felt!! So,  it was suggested to me that I made them up into 3m lengths and sold them! The result of which you can see below.Untitled-1

I love a challenge …. once I’ve worked out how to do it!!   This applique work was new to me and with the finishing touch of ‘tiny’ red buttons, I loved the result. Having completed 14m for someone, I made one for myself and then another, following a conversation at work. Thinking ahead to next year? …. I have a lot of buttons left!! Untitled-5 copy

Bunting makes a great gift that can be brought out year after year. My son’s girlfriend had a range of fabric that she asked me to make up for her and ‘Bingo’ her Christmas present was sorted!!Untitled-4

Then, just for fun, I tried my hand at making ‘mini’ banners and I have to say … I am hooked!! Standing at only 7cms high they are tricky to do but a great way to use the off-cuts of fabric. Untitled-2

and finally …Untitled-1

Bunting Vouchers


I started ‘Bunting Vouchers’ a couple of years ago when I needed a gift for a friend’s 40th birthday. I had no idea what to buy for her but I knew that she loved bunting! I didn’t have time to make any up, nor was I really aware of her colour preferences, so I thought, why not allow her to choose at her own leisure? Hence the voucher. There were no time restrictions, so 18mths later, this was the result!!

Gift vouchers

Gift Voucher - Annemeika

Please contact me for further information or see my prices page.

Mini – Bunting

These mini-flags stand at just 7cms high and 6cms wide.

I made them for a neighbour’s new baby, custom made to hang around the cot.


I also made the bias binding as there was a specific look that I wanted to achieve. I’ve never done double-end ties before but felt that it would add to both the appearance and make it easier to hang. As for the bows, I just couldn’t resist!!

Although this looks really cute, please note that bunting is not a toy and  must not be allowed to endanger baby.

Eliza Cot 1

I then decided to do a full name banner to match the ‘mini’ one, and again, the finished look was exactly what I had in my mind!!

Eliza cot 2

 Once baby is in the cot and on the move, there will be plenty of alternatives places to hang your mini-bunting!


It’s always a real boost when you receive a new order on the recommendation of others. I made this one identical to the ones above, simply because my customer wanted something ‘pretty and girly’!! Here it is, already hanging above her cot! Thank you to everyone on www.facebook.com/groups/RedhillandReigateMums/ for your support.



The lady said “Yes!”

Matt & Jess Untitled-3 copy 6

Matt & Jess 2 copyIt’s always a delight to make bunting for ‘Happy Couples’ especially when I’ve known the groom’s family for many years.  The added bonus with this banner came when it was completed and I needed to ‘hand it over’. Any excuse to meet up with friends again after so long and have lunch together!Matt & jess Bunting, balloons and flowers! One conservatory all dressed and ready to celebrate!

Diamonds are forever!!

Untitled-1Ivan and Rita

Can you imagine how delighted I was to be asked to create this banner for a Diamond Wedding Anniversary party? My friend chose the colours to match those worn by her Mum’s bridesmaids 60 years ago.

This was the first time that I had attempted a lace overlay flag but when I saw the fabric, I could just visualise it looking really good with the dark burgundy underneath.


Love is in the air!!

Sunflowers 1

Winter is fast approaching but the sunflowers that were used throughout this wedding, are a reminder of warmer and sunnier days. I searched long and hard to find a suitable fabric for this special banner but I was pleased with the finished product, as were the Bride and Groom!!


Today, on their 3rd Wedding Anniversary, I have the privilege of sharing the picture that inspired

‘Heathers Bunting’ to be born …

… my VERY FIRST bunting project! 

Tom & Emily's wedding


Then just two weeks later, the first ‘named’ banner that I ever made, was used for another friends’ wedding.

Each one will always be personal to the individual couple. xxx


Fotor0518154255 copy

And two years later … another one! A beautiful day for a great couple!

Every wedding is unique, so every banner or any bunting with always be made to the requirements of the happy couple. Who’ll be next?



Well, the next celebration couldn’t have been more different!! I was asked to make this bunting for a Vintage ‘Afternoon Tea’ Wedding. They wanted it to surround a photo booth for their guests and the request for ‘hessian’ to be included was a challenge, as it had to be lined!!

This photograph shows a little of how they displayed and used it.



Baby boom!

‘And over the Irish sea!’

Another gift for a new nephew this time! I’m glad that, once again, the recipient of this banner was delighted with their present.


A taste of summer with poppies blowing in the wind!


 It’s always a delight to make a banner for a customer, knowing that they are going to be giving it as a gift for a new arrival


All babies are a miracle but this ‘little lady’ has it as part of her name! I love making bunting for precious ‘little bundles’!

ImageAnd  the nursery was already decorated for her arrival with bunting that I’d previously been asked to make.


Girls seem to be ‘all the fashion’ at the moment!!


And now the bunting is up in Eliana’s room. The lights make it magical!




Why don’t you let me take all the stress out of it all for you? Children have so many toys and they love to see their names decorating their bedroom walls. I was amazed that I was able to fulfil the request for ‘Super Heroes’ fabric but find it I did and it fitted the bill exactly.

Fotor0625144324 And you can’t go wrong with pink for any little girl!!

Fotor0625145722It’s quite hard to see but the fabric on the ends of this banner is full of butterflies.

All Things Bright and Beautiful!

From this …..IMG_0481

…… to this!!!! Stunning!

First wedding Second wedding Wedding 3I cannot tell you how delighted I was to see the finished result of my work for the Summer of 2013! When you are working on individual flags, it can sometimes be hard to visualise the finished effect that they will  bring and often it is only the customer who has the ‘final picture’ in their minds. But I love to see how couples choose to celebrate their special day and for this couple, I am proud of the part that I was able to play in bringing it all together for them.

Special Baby Days.


At the grand age of Untitled-3this little boy didn’t really know what was going on but he enjoyed being the centre of attention on his special day! His adoring Grandma & Grandpa did  though and I was delighted to be able to produce the pale blue bunting that they asked for. (Even if they were on holiday in France when they placed their order!!)