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American Independence Day Celebrations!

What a great evening!!

The pictures speak for themselves.




The red and white striped and blue check fabric was a pleasure to work with and my customer was delighted with both the bunting and the matching tablecloths! Unfortunately, ‘rain stopped play’ during the evening but people still continued to have fun and the fireworks were set off later on once it was dark.

(And thankfully, no tea was thrown in the sea !!!)

Before signing out, I must give a shout for the spectacular  4th of July cake made by

Untitled-1 my friend Marsha. Having had a slice, I can confirm that it tasted as good as it looks!

You can find her at:


So take a moment to have a look to see all the other amazing cakes that she has created or you can contact her by email for more information at: nuttytart_394@hotmail.com!

Family Projects!!

This is one of the first personalised banners that I ever made and is was a gift for my son’s girlfriend on her 21st birthday. Her title, I am delighted to say, has recently changed to Fiancé and before the year is out, it will change again to ‘Wife’!



My nephew – was delighted with his present! Keep it in mind for next year everyone!


My son asked me to make this one for him. I guess you are never too old – even at 17!!


A few for the girls!!

Ideal gift for any new addition …


… to any family!

Carys 1


You can’t do one without the other!!




The above were all made for sisters!!



Pink and lilac are very popular with girls of any age, from babies to teenagers!!

Fotor0220180225Some little girls like lemon though!


These are special to two little girls and, as you can see above, they have them hanging up in their rooms already!!

img_0771      Hopefully someone else will be very happy with the present from her Godmother!