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 My Aunt (and Great Aunts before her), were amazing craftswomen. As a child, I loved to watch her sew. She made beautiful patchwork bedspreads – the traditional way – using cardboard templates tacked on and then removed once all sewn together – by hand!

I tried, I really did to follow in her footsteps but I was never precise enough to achieve a good result. I managed to make a rectangle for my dressing table and a runner for the top of the bookcase but, if I remember correctly, I never actually managed to complete the backing on that!!

Many years later I decided to give it another try and  here is the result of my ‘patchwork’, doing what, I hope, I do best

– bunting!


I came up with this idea after watching a quilting clip on Pinterest showing how to sew a continuous  line of fabric together. Having been inspired, I had to have a go! It was time-consuming and took many hours of work but, I have to say, that it was also rather therapeutic and watching the fabric grow, appealed to me! It also gave me a great opportunity to get to grips with my new Serger machine, producing a much tidier version than I’d previously done.

I put this 3m length together for my own use but I have more flags made up if anyone was interested in having a more random banner! Please get in touch if you do!


Have a great day everyone –

wherever you are in the world and whatever you are doing!

Come rain or shine!

If you live in the UK, we all know that you have to be ready for all weathers, at any time of year! I have often been requested for ‘outdoor’ bunting but I’ve struggled with this until I discovered ‘Ripstop’ fabric! The colours tend to be quite vibrant, as it is mainly used for making kites and tents but I did find a couple of patterns that worked well, both together and with being made into flags. The only down side was having to make the bias binding again! This took some time and it sure was a ‘slippery’ customer!!


Thank you to my neighbour for supplying the pictures for me!


Vroom! Vroom!


I always love the individuality of ever order that I receive. That’s why I work the way I do!

This customer wanted fabric with VW camper vans on for their children’s bedroom. I thought I was going to have a problem finding anything suitable but I was amazed at the variety of fabric out there! Apparently it is rather popular. A bit more tricky, due to the pattern needing to be one way up – placing VW’s upside down wouldn’t really work now would it? – but the result was just what my customer was looking for and that’s all I can ask for.


And it’s up!! Not in its final ‘resting place’ but this is great for now!! Another picture will follow, hopefully, in the future.


(p.s. I still have plenty of the pale blue VW fabric left. If anyone is interested please get in touch.)

And that is exactly what somebody did!

And here it is!! All ready for the birthday girl!!


I was really pleased to receive this order for more VW bunting, as it was the first one that came following a Google search by my customer. All ready for van in the summer!


Celebrating Birthdays!

Clare BD

The latest  ‘birthday’ addition and this time it was for someones 50th party. Sometimes I am given ‘free range’ on colours but for this one it was clear and straight forward – black and white with silver letters! My biggest achievement on this banner was that I actually made my own bias binding.  3 1/2 hours later I had 12 m’s of black bias but  I will never again complain about paying ???? for it!!! Anyway, it was all worth it and I love working on and then seeing the finished results of my customers ideas!

Clare BD 2



I made the ‘Happy Birthday’ banner for someone who had three upcoming birthdays to celebrate in just a few short weeks. As you can see below, an 80th one for her Mum and then a joint party for her daughter and her friend. I am sure that it will be brought out for many other birthdays as well.

80 birthday copy

I was also delighted to have been able to lend them all the bunting that I made for our 25th Wedding Anniversary. My friend told me how it had made the hall look extra special.


and then …

… Sweet 16!


Identical banners for really good friends, and now that the party is over,  the girls have been able to hang their banners on their bedroom walls, as a happy reminder of their 16th party.

Image 7

The lady said “Yes!”

Matt & Jess Untitled-3 copy 6

Matt & Jess 2 copyIt’s always a delight to make bunting for ‘Happy Couples’ especially when I’ve known the groom’s family for many years.  The added bonus with this banner came when it was completed and I needed to ‘hand it over’. Any excuse to meet up with friends again after so long and have lunch together!Matt & jess Bunting, balloons and flowers! One conservatory all dressed and ready to celebrate!

Diamonds are forever!!

Untitled-1Ivan and Rita

Can you imagine how delighted I was to be asked to create this banner for a Diamond Wedding Anniversary party? My friend chose the colours to match those worn by her Mum’s bridesmaids 60 years ago.

This was the first time that I had attempted a lace overlay flag but when I saw the fabric, I could just visualise it looking really good with the dark burgundy underneath.


International Bunting!

Untitled-2This was the nearest that I could get to re-creating the American flag! This order came in to give to someone as a present. An Englishman who is now living in the States. Love the fact that every banner is unique for the individual.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis bunting I made a couple of years ago for my friend’s daughter as she was about to head off to the States to start her University course. Once she arrived and was settled, she was able to re-use it to decorate her room.


Bunting is SO versatile and can be used again and again in different settings. Below you can see where I have used ‘Our Silver Wedding Anniversary’ bunting to decorate the hall for a school play that was set in the Wild West!


Untitled-4 A game for you – ‘Spot the Bunting’ !!

                                                                                                  Answer: Untitled-6

So, if any schools out there are looking for a play to produce at any time of the year, please can I be bold enough to mention  Lucky Bucket Musicals, they can also be found on Facebook at:


The lyrics and the music are outstanding and are written by a husband and wife team. They come highly recommended!

Untitled-8This is just one of a wide selection of shows that they have written.

P.S. Just to show that my bunting  has gone up at other parties as well!!


American Independence Day Celebrations!

What a great evening!!

The pictures speak for themselves.




The red and white striped and blue check fabric was a pleasure to work with and my customer was delighted with both the bunting and the matching tablecloths! Unfortunately, ‘rain stopped play’ during the evening but people still continued to have fun and the fireworks were set off later on once it was dark.

(And thankfully, no tea was thrown in the sea !!!)

Before signing out, I must give a shout for the spectacular  4th of July cake made by

Untitled-1 my friend Marsha. Having had a slice, I can confirm that it tasted as good as it looks!

You can find her at:


So take a moment to have a look to see all the other amazing cakes that she has created or you can contact her by email for more information at: nuttytart_394@hotmail.com!