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Turn back time


Every party has its own theme and purpose. This bunting was made for a 1940’s event held at a church in the surrounding area. Sadly I don’t have any pictures in situ but I was told by the organiser that the bunting blended in well with atmosphere of the evening.


And everyone played their part, dressed up  and looked amazing!!

Spring has sprung!!


What beautiful weather we’ve had these last few days. Such a blessing and relief after all the rain that has fallen and caused such devastation. So, our thoughts turn to warmer days – lunch out in the garden; children’s birthday parties and, of course, bar-b-ques with family and friends! Now is the time to think about adding that ‘extra something’ to special occasions, and as you can see from the pictures above, your garden could be transformed!

The above flags were made out of a set of 4 Ikea tea towels, chosen by my customer, and they were so pretty to work with! I loved this project and the finished result!