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Off to Uni!

Many of you will understand what a life changing and scary event going to university can be – meeting new people and having to live / cope by yourself for the first time maybe; on top of handling all the work that comes your way. These two girls asked me to make bunting for their rooms to help them feel ‘more at home’!



And the added bonus is that nobody will forget your name when they come to visit!!

Second year and  no longer in halls. The bunting has now moved from above the desk to over the bed!



Hoping to get a full size picture of this one but I made it very early on in my ‘bunting’ days, before I started taking my own pictures prior to my customer collecting them. It was very pretty though, in delicate pinks with rosebuds under the name.

Bunting Vouchers


I started ‘Bunting Vouchers’ a couple of years ago when I needed a gift for a friend’s 40th birthday. I had no idea what to buy for her but I knew that she loved bunting! I didn’t have time to make any up, nor was I really aware of her colour preferences, so I thought, why not allow her to choose at her own leisure? Hence the voucher. There were no time restrictions, so 18mths later, this was the result!!

Gift vouchers

Gift Voucher - Annemeika

Please contact me for further information or see my prices page.


Introducing ….

Eli & Joe copy

… beautiful twin boys!

Eli & Joe

It’s always a pleasure to make bunting for new family members

and these two were made for young cousins.

Pretty in pink …



… and in lilac!


Georgia room

I was asked to make this for the nursery of an eagerly anticipated baby! (Due any time now!!)

Pastel green

I love how everyone has different ideas of how they want to decorate their baby’s rooms, this time it was mint green and grey, and to me, this is the beauty of being able to ‘make bunting to order’.


Vroom! Vroom!


I always love the individuality of ever order that I receive. That’s why I work the way I do!

This customer wanted fabric with VW camper vans on for their children’s bedroom. I thought I was going to have a problem finding anything suitable but I was amazed at the variety of fabric out there! Apparently it is rather popular. A bit more tricky, due to the pattern needing to be one way up – placing VW’s upside down wouldn’t really work now would it? – but the result was just what my customer was looking for and that’s all I can ask for.


And it’s up!! Not in its final ‘resting place’ but this is great for now!! Another picture will follow, hopefully, in the future.


(p.s. I still have plenty of the pale blue VW fabric left. If anyone is interested please get in touch.)

And that is exactly what somebody did!

And here it is!! All ready for the birthday girl!!


I was really pleased to receive this order for more VW bunting, as it was the first one that came following a Google search by my customer. All ready for van in the summer!


International Bunting!

Untitled-2This was the nearest that I could get to re-creating the American flag! This order came in to give to someone as a present. An Englishman who is now living in the States. Love the fact that every banner is unique for the individual.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis bunting I made a couple of years ago for my friend’s daughter as she was about to head off to the States to start her University course. Once she arrived and was settled, she was able to re-use it to decorate her room.

Spring has sprung!!


What beautiful weather we’ve had these last few days. Such a blessing and relief after all the rain that has fallen and caused such devastation. So, our thoughts turn to warmer days – lunch out in the garden; children’s birthday parties and, of course, bar-b-ques with family and friends! Now is the time to think about adding that ‘extra something’ to special occasions, and as you can see from the pictures above, your garden could be transformed!

The above flags were made out of a set of 4 Ikea tea towels, chosen by my customer, and they were so pretty to work with! I loved this project and the finished result!

Unique bunting for every occasion!


Everyone length of bunting made, has a different occasion to celebrate!

Left: Helping a cake stall to ‘look the part’!
Right: Top – America here I come!! This was made for someone who was going off to continue their studies.
Top Middle – Bedroom decor.
Bottom Middle – Even the Beach Hut needed ‘that little extra’ something!!
Bottom – And finally, the finishing touches to a conservatory.

Family Projects!!

This is one of the first personalised banners that I ever made and is was a gift for my son’s girlfriend on her 21st birthday. Her title, I am delighted to say, has recently changed to Fiancé and before the year is out, it will change again to ‘Wife’!



My nephew – was delighted with his present! Keep it in mind for next year everyone!


My son asked me to make this one for him. I guess you are never too old – even at 17!!


Rather special additions!


I made this recently for a Local school to hang near their library area.

fotor022085717Oh how special this one was! It was made to order for a model railway fanatic to hang on his garden fence when they have open days in the summer. (See the post ‘And it’s up!) The flags were twice the normal size, so as  to accommodate the engine and trucks and then personalised accordingly. All the motifs were cut out of felt and had to be stuck on, as pressing them would have flattened the felt.

Jane & Duncan’s Light Railway will launch their banner once the sunshine is warm enough for them to be outside again!!

Fotor0220105344This banner shows that nothing is impossible!! My brief was to use some first size baby clothes to make the flags for her 1st birthday. Trying to work around the poppers and the openings, as well as dealing with the thickness of the fabric, no mean task I can tell you but … I was pleased with the outcome and so were my customers! Phew!!